About Marie 



Marie Alvarez-Calderon was born in rural Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii to a Texas engineer and a New York City theatrical dress designer, who met and married on the island of Oahu, Hawaii shortly after World War II. Marie’s birth was followed by an earthquake which, according to the locals, signaled the arrival of what has come to be known as a “change maker.”

Marie married her college suitemate’s brother. She moved with him to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he attended medical school and where their daughter Elisa was born. Barely surviving a near-death experience at the hands of her doctor husband, Marie returned with Elisa to her hometown. Back in Texas, she was instrumental in creating and promoting the Women’s Center, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

Marie was employed for 30 years in a Fortune 500 petrochemical company where she ultimately became the global subject matter expert for standardized document creation and management systems. In that capacity she traveled plant sites around the globe for the training, implementation and auditing of those systems.

Fourteen years after escaping death in Guadalajara, Marie married Jaime Alvarez-Calderón, an engineer born into an old and distinguished Lima legacy. Their combined family has four grown children and six grandchildren. In the years since their marriage, Jaime and Marie have traveled extensively and have returned to Peru over 60 times. Today they divide their time between visits to their children and grandchildren, and their houses in Texas and Peru.


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