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"Summer in February: a memoir of Lima, Peru and its beaches" by Marie Alvarez-Calderon is the story of an impossible dream, which eventually comes true. This is an inspirational “they who lose their lives shall find them” tale.

The Prologue, which takes place on the Texas Gulf Coast and in Guadalajara, Mexico, provides a foundation of a teenager’s dream that leads to danger in a Spanish-speaking country.

Chapter 1 begins 14 years later, when the author marries a co-worker, who is an engineer from an old Lima family. They head for Peru, another Latin American nation, in those days besieged by the terrible Sendero Luminoso, Shining Path Maoist terrorists.

During the years that follow, everything U.S. citizens know for sure is uprooted. There is an ever-changing political environment, a stratified social culture, multiple dwellings, and another language. Together the couple survives corporate traumas, a major house fire, and a devastating earthquake. Was it all worth it? Read and see.

Summer in February shows that there is more value in living south of the equator than a swap of seasons.


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