Other short works



The Alpine Wedding – A maid from a small walled village falls in love with a mountain lad. How each family reacts to their children’s’ marriage shows their faith in action. A tribute to the loving family of a niece’s husband and in honor of the phrase, “You will know they are Christians by their love.”

The Last Christmas Tree – A tiny, malnourished evergreen, cut down at the last moment from the back of a Christmas tree farm, fulfills its purpose in life, bringing hope to many.  In honor of the scriptures that say “The last shall be first,” and “He who loses his life shall find it.”

A Pigeon Tale – An unimpressive grey pigeon encounters diamond dust in the gravel on the bottom of her cage. One day, she finds the door ajar…

A Tale of the Three – A girl born in a poor Thai village finds an incredible life in the outside world. A tribute to my Thai friends, Chalisa and Surat.

Elisa’s Operation – A mother’s reflection on her daughter’s leaving home. For Elisa.

Of Black Beans and Bran Muffins – A tribute to Marie’s incredible mother, the late Dorothy Fernandez Santa Eulalia. It includes two of Dot’s best-known recipes.

Only a Woman – Remembering the words and actions of the author’s abusive ex-husband, who reminded her, “You’re only a woman, you know.”

The Cloud Herder – Two supernatural beings try various methods of making clouds move. A allegory of management styles.

What it Means to Me to be Latin – The author’s private thoughts from a U.S. News and World Report survey question. A catalyst for Marie’s book, Counterclockwise.

When Through Fiery Trials – The story of the author’s house fire, followed by advice on how to deal with one.

The Tapestry – The description of a dream foreshadowing the destruction of the fabric of a once-caring company