Peruvian Cuisine


In Peru, dining is a national pastime that is taken quite seriously.

The current reigning Peruvian hero is a chef, Gaston Acurio, whose restaurants and cookbooks span several countries. It has been said by many that the best restaurant in all of Chile is a branch of its Lima flagship, Astrid y Gaston.

Spending relaxed time together, sharing flavorful meals, brings to life the true meaning of the Spanish word "compartir," which has a connotation of deeper joy than sharing an inanimate object.

The taste of Peruvian food is unparalleled, the service superb, and cost is still amazingly low. All it takes to start up a conversation with any Peruvian is to mention the wonderful foods. If someone asks you that question, be prepared to answer with exactly which dishes and ingredients you like most. Below is a primer of unique Peruvian ingredients, and from the left menu bar you can access some of our favorites restaurants and recipes. 

Unique Ingredients


  Papa Amarilla Aji Verde or Aji Amarillo (which is really orange) Chirimoya Rocoto
  L˙cuma Granadilla Maracuyß Maiz Morado